Brandon J. Sanford was raised in South Minneapolis by his Mother and Grandmother. His family influenced his idea of what should be in a photo.

"I haven’t had a lot of exposure to fine art. My Mom only used a Polaroid, and I didn’t have the type of family that went to museums on the weekends. It was more likely that I'd be riding in the back seat of my Mom's shiny red Cadillac while she went out to party with the girls."

Brandon's photos reflect the beautiful and the horrible parts of living in the city. The homeless youth's back alley bedroom, decorated with graffiti, and a mattress covered with a neatly tucked Battlestar Gallactica bed sheet. Two passengers riding a city bus at night, one wearing a white turban, the other a black mowhawk, and a blurry florescent glow.

Brandon sees a cityscape that merges street culture, money, self-destruction, alleys, pristine colorful sneakers, gold teeth at the homeless shelter, hope, Tom Waits, check cashing joints, buying things, selling things, renewal, hip-hop, dirt, plastic, doorways, isolation, love, and irony.

"I remember mom in capes, fur trimmed hats, gold jewelry, bootleg Gucci bags, and tall stiletto heels, all perfectly matched. I also remember cockroaches in my cereal bowl. And waking up so cold I'd wrap up in a blanket and lay on the bathroom floor, using the heat from the hot water in the tub to warm up."

After years in Hollywood California Brandon returned to South Minneapolis in 2002. He now coordinates a program serving long-term homeless / chronic offenders, with a focus on ending recidivism, providing stable housing, and supportive services.